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Are you looking for a high - quality, one of kind leather case for your high end fishing spears? Look no further than our custom spear cover case. Crafted from heavy US tanned vegetable leather, this case has a thick leather welt and heavy duty stitching, ensuring protection for the tines of your expensive spears. Unlike other covers that use upholstery nails and wood blocks, our cases are made of heavy leather with a triple stacked and stitched welt and rivets at stress points, ensuring it will last a lifetime of abuse. But what sets our cases apart is the custom artwork. Each case is meticulously tooled and painted by hand. It's a  process that takes  hours of dedicated hard work. We believe that there is no comparision between hand carved leather and the laser etching that is becoming common. We work closely with each client to design a unique piece of artwork that truly represents their personal style or interests. With two buckles for fastening, your spears will stay secure and protected while looking great. And, because of the high - quality materials and craftsmanship, this case will become an heirloom piece that is sure to become  sought after  with future spear collectors and ice fishing enthusiasts. Investing in a custom, one of a kind case means protecting your expensive spears while also showcasing your personal style.  It is sure to become a beloved item among your fishing gear for years to come. Due to varying artwork and size requirements and pricing, please submit an email if interested in a price quote.

Custom Designed Spear Covers

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